Game Modes Volley Soccer Hoops Up to 4v4 Play Players May Vote Pre-Game for Modifiers (e.g. Ball Size: Big) Ability Mode - Equips alter slimes power levels Standard Mode - Equips do not change slime Match Winner Earns +100 coin per game Chance of Item Drops every Match 4096 Possible Item Colors Customize your Slime's appearance Watch & Wager on Live Matches Browse The Market where there are frequent new items Emote in game key 1: happy key 2: sad key 3: angry key 4: shocked Pull the Slot Machine Play with a Gamepad Create a Squad where you can team up with friends Premium Users: Que for Ranked Play (advance to new divisions) Place on the Hiscores (steal rating from other players) Squads larger than two players Private Matches against friends (only squad leader needs premium) You can play matches with unfair teams e.g. one versus three Access to rarity above unusual: remarkable/extraordinary/legendary